A guy is brought in order to Boursicot since judge who can site de rencontres 420 getting undertaking the analysis, Bruno Laroche. There are even on a half-dozen policemen in the flat, and additionally Thierry. The guy seems strained.

Boursicot, due to the fact cops look this new apartment, continues to be not concerned. He will not understand why it’s taking someone way too long to just remember that ,, however with Shi beside your, they can set his suggestion directly to the girl and it will getting done for a change.

„We need to marry today; this will help united states when we wed,” he says to Shi, noisy enough to possess Thierry to know him.

A short time later on, into the July 13, a justice Ministry spokesman declares medical examination conclusions about your accused spy Shi Pei Pu.

Boursicot is during his phone, sleeping at the top bunk, at the 8:29 in the evening as he hears the news headlines on the broadcast.

To own Six months Judge Laroche enjoys interrogated Shi and you will Boursicot separately. Then one early morning, at the end of January, he could be questioned together with her.

Up coming, light headed about medications he was bringing lower than psychological supervision for the prison additionally the damage of what Shi Pei Pu is actually stating, Boursicot hears Shi rest.

„We never ever advised Bernard I found myself a lady,” Shi says. „We merely allow it to become realized that we will be a great girl. At that time I thought I became a woman, since i didn’t have any male genital body organs. I had an opening — no matter if I want to state they didn’t wind up as otherwise was not exactly like one I got viewed towards the an actress shortly after when I happened to be taking off my makeup at Beijing movie theater.”

Boursicot listens to Shi relate the story of its appointment from the Claude Chayet’s Xmas group, advising new courtroom regarding very first time it generated love when you look at the Beijing

A week later, Boursicot and you may Shi is put again through to the court.Continue reading