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o = 0.6, (a-b) = ?0.002, and dc = 10 ?m. These values fall within the range of frictional parameters measured in laboratory tests on fault samples collected in carbonate rocks (Carpenter et al., 2014 , 2016 ). ?o is the friction coefficient at a reference slip velocity (vo). The parameter a quantifies the direct effect of a change in slip velocity. The parameter b describes the effect of the state variable (here we use the “aging law”; Dieterich, 1979 ). The characteristic slip distance, dc, governs the evolution of the state variable (?). For fault models with constant friction, we assume a static value (?s) of 0.6.

3.2 Modeling Efficiency

Figures 2c and 2d show how the development of the fluid pressure along the fault varies as a function of the permeability enhancement jest asiame za darmo factor and the associated hydraulic aperture.Continue reading