grams. aoa step three–seven, 8–ten, 11–fifteen and you may 17–39 years in the a survey by Johnson and you may Newport ), whose ua ratings otherwise nativelikeness critiques was subsequently compared together and possibly with the ones from indigenous sound system using a series of – or -tests or a keen anova . Inferences on discontinuities on the aoa – ua form is actually upcoming produced based on if or not including reviews come to relevance or not. (To eliminate one confusion, note that the latest terminology ‘discontinuity’ and you may ‘non-continuity’ are often included in cph look, as the forecast patterns (discover Contour 1 ) do not contain discontinuities regarding analytical experience. When you look at the math, a good discontinuity is actually an effective ‘jump’ regarding the form .) A fairly current report by the Abrahamsson and you can Hyltenstam is a case inside the part. The experts separated the latest aoa continuum on four pots ( aoa –5, 6–eleven, 12–17, 18–23 and you can 24–47 many years), carried out a keen anova with pairwise article-hoc tests into nativelikeness studies and inferred the presence of a great crucial reason for adolescence to the base thereof:

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